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 East Lansing Schools are implementing Sitton Spelling and Word Skills by EPS, a division of School Specialty, in grades 1st - 6th.  The program emphasizes correct spelling in everyday writing, not just for an
end-of-the-week test.  To help assure practice with core words (the words most frequently used in writing), East Lansing has created on-line spelling enrichment activities.  We hope you enjoy them.
***Core Word lists or other excerpts from the Sitton Spelling and Word Skills program on this site do not represent the entirety or intent of this program.  For detailed information on how Sitton Spelling and Word
Skills differs from other spelling programs visit: www.epsbooks.com/sittondifference .
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Web site is still under construction. 
5th and 6th Grades have 18 units each completed.

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